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Anti cookie-cutter could be right thing for all arts-based businesses

What would happen if we all took advice from the corporate powers on how to be a successful business? I contest that it would be a bad thing – after all, what is the ONLY goal of a corporation? – … Continue reading

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Ambiguous fans

  In the creative world, sometimes it is hard to predict mass public appeal. Generally you would think that the most talented, versatile and experienced artists with the widest array of canvases upon which they project their work should be … Continue reading

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Why are we here?

So why are we here? Why Tucker County WV, and not traditional centers of creative activity – New York City, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Seattle, or Paris? I know for myself, I had finally graduated to the big city in … Continue reading

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Thomas as a microcosm

Let’s think about a microcosm of what we desire first. For me, as a member of this very intimate and creative community right here in Thomas WV, it is taking shape right before my eyes – right here in this … Continue reading

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Create Tucker?

Create Tucker? Does Tucker need creating? It already exists. Most people are here either because they’re part of its history or have come because of the great outdoors and all it offers. But what holds this community together? Common interests.  … Continue reading

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