Accepting Credit Cards When Selling Your Art

I’m doing some research for accepting credit cards. I’ve had so many customers ask if I accept credit cards.  Since I don’t I just know that there have been many lost sales because people don’t carry a lot of cash.

In the past I haven’t accepted credit cards because of the monthly fee, even when you don’t have sales. Ouch!  Those of us who sell our art at fairs and festivals know that there are very few, if any, sales during some of the months of the year.  So we shy away from that monthly expense that just doesn’t make sense to a small business. doesn’t charge a monthly fee!  And it’s used on our iPhone, iPad or Android cell phone. For a very, very clear description and details go to FAQ.

  1. They don’t charge a monthly fee!  Brilliant!  These folks saw the huge art and artisan market and a way to help us and a great business opportunity for themselves.
  2. The SquareUp hardware and software is completely free.
  3. They only charge 2.75% of each transaction – period!  So if you sell $100.00 in art to someone, they keep $2.75 and you get $97.25.  Not a bad deal!  Especially since this might not have been a sale at all if the customer didn’t have cash on them. 
  4. All you need to do is tell them you want it. You don’t need to have a special bank account or good credit.
  5. The only requirement is that their credit card swiping device only attaches to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Here’s a Youtube video showing the iPhone and the SquareUp in action

You will need to use an iPad if you already have a cell phone and you are under contract with a phone provider that won’t operate with an iPhone.  With an iPad you don’t need a contract, just pay the monthly $25 internet connection charge (AT&T).  I almost went this route, but the iPad price starts at $499 at Walmart.  So I scratched my head and sighed when I looked at my bank account.

The other option is to use an iPhone or Android.  The iPhone seemed like the best option for me, since I am not under a contract with a phone company.  The iPhone3 is $49 and the iPhone4 is $199 on the AT&T site.  Both of these models work equally well with the SquareUp. This is a lot cheaper than the iPad.

Since I’m going with the iPhone I need to get a phone contract….boo, hiss. I live here in Tucker County and good cell phone service seems to be limited to AT&T. (I’m not an expert in this, so you will need to find the cell phone carrier that you trust.)  I can get a contract for $39.99 a month for 450 anytime minutes.  Since I’m not a phone junkie this is perfect.  Then there is a $25.00 fee to have internet connection.  I contacted AT&T and was told there would be a total of $3.00 a month in added fees (because they can!) So I estimate that I”ll  be spending $68.00 a month for cell phone, internet and be able to accept credit cards.  Credit cards will increase my income with more sales. Yippee!

I hope that this information and the on line links are helpful to you all.  Please double check my research before you make a decision, just in case there have been changes.  A contract is a committment and everyone should take this into serious thought before going forward. 


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1 Response to Accepting Credit Cards When Selling Your Art

  1. purplefiddle says:

    We charge a $1.25 fee for EACH swipe of the credit card at the Purple Fiddle. We think it is only fair that the customer acknowledge and absorb the cost of doing business this way. Otherwise it hurts us, the small businesses that are struggling, and does nothing but line the pockets of the “too-big-to-fail” banks. I encourage all businesses to do the same. Charge whatever it costs you, not more, not less – that is most fair. BTW, cash and checks are free!

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