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Ambiguous fans

  In the creative world, sometimes it is hard to predict mass public appeal. Generally you would think that the most talented, versatile and experienced artists with the widest array of canvases upon which they project their work should be … Continue reading

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My work as a ceramic artist affords the perspective of a production system. The products or works of that system have certain constraining parameters that guide the product toward an intended objective. With pottery some of the questions have to … Continue reading

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What Makes Sense To You?

Several weeks ago at the Purple Fiddle we heard a fantastic group, Zach Brock and the Magic Number. For the first half of the show we were amazed at the virtuosity, originality, and energy of their jazz. During the break … Continue reading

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the november lull

There’s this lull that happens towards the middle of november. the summer season is long gone, the leaves have dropped and the snow hasn’t started to fall. i wake up and go for coffee and realize that hypnocoffee is closed … Continue reading

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Why are we here?

So why are we here? Why Tucker County WV, and not traditional centers of creative activity – New York City, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Seattle, or Paris? I know for myself, I had finally graduated to the big city in … Continue reading

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Let’s STArt

Here’s some good news to begin our post this week: The Tucker Community Foundation has just announced an award of $750 to the WVHighlands Artisans Group for its STArt 2011 program. This grant will allow the Tucker County High School … Continue reading

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After my last blog someone asked which definition of art i related too. it took a bit for me to settle on one. At first I found myself not really liking any of the definitions. I think what is interesting … Continue reading

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