Meet the Bloggers

John Bright 

John is the owner, booking agent, promotions person and sometimes sound man for the Purple Fiddle – West Virginia’s premiere live music venue for the past 8 years. Prior to his new career in the musical arts, John was a professional photojournalist for 26 years, culminating with a short stint for the Washington Post and one year working as West Virginia Governor Bob Wise’s official photographer.

Ben Nelson 

Ben is a hybridized human consciousness that is a cross cultural blend of a third world childhood as a missionary kid and a serious helping of back to the land philosophy in the context of small scale farming. He is mold resistant, suppresses weeds, and produces high yields. Ben works as a full time production potter out of his studio in Thomas, WV and believes that proper integration of technology and information is essential for the growth and success of rural communities and alternative contexts. He is interested in the part that art can play in cultural and community development.

Seth Pitt 

Seth is a local artist. He is one of four owners of the The White Room Art Gallery in Thomas, W.Va. By providing a venue for artists in the area, Seth sees the gallery as being one step in the direction of making Tucker County a more viable space for those interested in the arts. The concept of Tucker County being an artist’s and an art seeker’s destination is one he tries to keep prevalent in most everything he does. There is work to be done, and he wants to help. That being said he probably couldn’t be too much happier with where he lives and he feels very fortunate to have found Tucker County.

Bruce and Gerri Wilson 

Bruce and Gerri are enjoying their second careers as working artists in Tucker County, Bruce as a paper artist and Gerri as a photographer. Their business is Deer Run Studio and their work can be seen locally in MountainMade and in the WV Highlands Gallery, where Bruce is currently the President and Gerri is Recording Secretary. They both are active in the School-Town Arts (STArt) Project, an ongoing program to promote the arts in education and community life in Tucker County.

Linda Sinish 

Linda, an artist who found her niche in wire and metal jewelry, recently moved to Hambleton, W.Va., from Virginia.  Her interest in art was sparked during her marriage to Don Sinish, and through numerous discussions and visits to galleries in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.  Linda is excited to meet and share her art with the Tucker County community.  Her studio is located in her home, where she also teaches classes and hosts open studio events.  Her personal blog and business can be found at

2 Responses to Meet the Bloggers

  1. Joe Henry says:

    Nothing is more enabling to an artistic community is interaction and communications between both artists and their stake holders.

  2. nana_karina says:

    Hi folks–

    My husband, young daughter, and I are based in the NYC area, but have the good fortune to spend at least a few weeks a year (and ideally more) in the south west corner of Pendleton County. We’ve often fantasized about making the WV highlands our year-round home, but the remote mountaintop retreat we have the opportunity to enjoy (far from services and schools and varied social and cultural opportunities for ourselves or our growing daughter) is not really conducive to year-round living. We’ve never been to Tucker County (except to visit Dolly Sods–beautiful!!!) but you folks here all make it sound very appealing! I’d love to hear more–on this public forum or privately–about what daily life is like in your area–what the schools are like, what kind of environment and opportunities there are for children, especially. Thanks in advance, nana_karina

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