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Owner/booking agent for the Purple Fiddle Cafe, Brews and Stage in Thomas WV

9/11 has positive impact in the arts community!

As it did everyone at the time, 9/11 inserted much fear and uncertainty into my life. It didn’t help that I was working for the Governor’s office in the state capital building, just a few miles away from multiple chemical … Continue reading

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Music all the time

We are jumping into the heart of our summer tourist season now, up here in the beautiful Allegheny mountains, which means plenty of art and music for everyone,  every day. The galleries are open every day I think, but really … Continue reading

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Freebies for everyone

Tight budget? Can’t afford to come see a band more than once every month or two? Not true anymore. With free shows every week at the Purple Fiddle this just is not a viable excuse anymore. Just this past week … Continue reading

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Tucker County Arts Council – heard of it?

Does anyone know who was involved with or what happened to the Tucker County Arts Council? It is a non-profit that used to benefit local arts. At one time, the Purple Fiddle was awarded a small amount $150-$250?) in order … Continue reading

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Anti cookie-cutter could be right thing for all arts-based businesses

What would happen if we all took advice from the corporate powers on how to be a successful business? I contest that it would be a bad thing – after all, what is the ONLY goal of a corporation? – … Continue reading

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Money-driven art is not ideal, but a necessary evil

My creative resources are the bands that I book at the Purple Fiddle. And I am very fortunate that they mostly all come to me for a gig. So my job entails two things –  first, to make sure there … Continue reading

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The Purple Fiddle as a Community Advocate

I know I am biased when it comes to my passion for the Purple Fiddle, because it is my life. I am the first to acknowledged that I am blessed to be able to follow my bliss – in this … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the rough

Sometimes the most beautiful and amazing things appear out of chaos and upheaval, and last night’s performance by Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons at the Purple Fiddle is a prime example of this. Everything seemed to be working against … Continue reading

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Symbiotic relationships

It was at Jack Frost that friend Andy mentioned that there is a symbiotic relationship between artists and the venues that host their work. Yes. And it seems that it is vital for them to work together for their mutual … Continue reading

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On Being Obedient

So an important question arises from a discussion involving my last blog. In answer to what it is about a band (or any artist really) that allows them to appeal to the masses – a blogger said that it is … Continue reading

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