Create Tucker?

Create Tucker? Does Tucker need creating? It already exists. Most people are here either because they’re part of its history or have come because of the great outdoors and all it offers. But what holds this community together? Common interests.  We would suggest that among those common interests are the arts. And we also think there’s more interest in the arts here than you might think. Call it an arts community.

Who belongs to it? First of all, count yourself in. Take a look at Seth’s posting from 10/23/10. Read definition No. 3,316 and see if you don’t think art can be made by anyone from anything.  Art is within us. Any of us. We know plenty of visual artists, craftsmen, musicians and writers in Tucker County, and are sure there are some dancers and actors looking for a theatrical venue. Count the arts teachers and students of all ages, too, as well as the many people who appreciate all these arts, who share them and give them and make them part of their daily lives.

What does an arts community do? And how does it bind the community together? “Gandolfthe5000ator” writes (see his 10/20/10 posting) about the impact of the natural surroundings here on making art and how that in turn sends out ripple effects into our environment. In other words, what goes around comes around—in a good way. The arts here are a way of experiencing where and what we are and of sharing that in the community.

Here is where this arts blog comes into play. It’s to give voice to the many people who play any part in this arts community. It’s a form of public conversation, a place to explore matters of mutual concern and share information, a way to encourage the artist within each of us to join the arts community. We hope the blog will help to strengthen and increase the arts community as well.

How might the arts and this blog affect Tucker County and help “create” it? For one thing, a strong and productive arts community not only improves the environment of our lives, it stimulates tourism—our industry. This blog can help make people aware of the arts and crafts they can find here. Blog conversation within the community might even shed light on some common purpose or goal. It could be to promote education, to develop performance opportunities, or to sponsor a public project in the arts.

Here’s just one idea we could throw out: Wouldn’t it be great to have a place (in addition to the fine retail galleries that already exist) where visual artists and craftsmen could exhibit and sell their work in ever changing variety and socialize regularly with the public? Sort of a Purple Fiddle for the visual arts. Is there an empty building or storefront that could serve this purpose, at least temporarily, while waiting for a renter or a buyer? How might that step up the opportunities to showcase regional artists and attract visitors to Tucker County?

Create Tucker?  Sure!


About bruceandgerri

Bruce is a paper artist and Gerri a nature photographer who work from their Deer Run Studio in Tucker County, West Virginia.
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2 Responses to Create Tucker?

  1. Katie G. says:

    Bruce and Gerri, I love the way you summed up the purpose of the blog. It’s definitely true that the arts touch nearly everyone in some capacity.

    I’m curious about your idea for a Purple Fiddle-like place to display area art work and for people to congregate and share ideas. How do you see a place like this forming? What sort of work would have to put something like this together? Maybe this is a whole different blog post, or a series of posts, but I was just curious.

    I also love that you included art classes in your post. It would be great if this blog could reach out to area schools and children’s arts programs.

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