Welcome to CreateTucker — an online community dedicated to all things Arts-related in Tucker County, West Virginia. This blog, in conjunction with the Parsons Advocate, aims to create a place for discussion about the Arts and Music scene in and around Tucker County.

Click around, read what we have to say and share with us your ideas!

5 Responses to About

  1. Linda Sinish says:

    I moved to Tucker County (Hambleton) in July and I’m eager to learn more about the arts in the area. Finding this blog is such a gift. Thank you for your writtings and insights. I am looking forward to reading, learning and meeting the art community.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for introducing yourself. We’re looking forward to meeting you and other artists we don’t already know. Hopefully more people will respond to what they read in the blog. What kind of art do you do? — Bruce (for Bruce and Gerri)

    • Linda Sinish says:


      I’m looking forward to meeting you and others in Tucker County. This blog is going to be a huge success as others find and read it. I have found that my own blog (www.artyzenstudio.blogspot.com) has grown over time. I’m often surprised to find someone that has read it. Not all of the readers respond or become a ‘follower’. But, be certain that I will write a post on my blog about ‘Create Tucker’. You never know who might read it and follow the link I’ll post to ‘Create Tucker’.

      As for myself, I am passionate about wire and metal. I use copper, bronze, brass, silver, steel and nickel in various sizes from heavvier 12 gauge to thinner 26 gauge. I have recently been accepted into Mountain Made. Hopefully, you’ll see my jewelry soon in their gallery.

      I hope to be exploring more of Thomas, WV very soon to check out the galleries and meet you.

      Have a joyful and art filled day,

  3. Jill Evick says:

    Hello, my name is Jill Evick. Linda Sinish just wrote an aritcle on the Heritage House and it was amazing! I am also a jewelry artist and have starting making wooden novelty signs and candles. I do love the candle. Nice to see this wonderful website for all the talented people hiding in our beautiful Tucker County.

    • Linda Sinish says:

      Jill, Thank you for introducing yourself and welcome to the extended art family here in Tucker County. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing your creations. Please invite your friends to read our blog so our friendships can grow and prosper.

      There is a blog event and get together being coordinated for March 20th. The details will be announced soon. I hope to see you there. Linda

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