Unblocking Creative Energy

The other day I was involved in a discussion of how the power to create multiplies when more than one person is involved. This conversation reminded me that many successful creative endeavors have been manifested through the power of several people working or playing together, while focused on a particular subject. Corporations deliberately do this technique in-order to grow their business. They form off-site meetings of the key players. They gather, away from the offices, with a blank flip chart or white board. The members begin an open discussion and ideas are verbalized. It becomes magical how new creative ideas are produced in this group meeting. Some call this a collective consciousness. Some call this brainstorming. Some call it luck. But the truth is whenever two or more people gather with the purpose to create something new, ideas will manifest and multiply.
Those of us who are art or artisan creators have certainly come across those frustrating times when nothing wants to happen creatively in our heads that will manifest into the physical. We’ve all heard about the ‘writers block’. Those artists who have another medium most likely have had this ‘creative block’. It is so very frustrating!
For those of us who experience a creative block remember to invite a few artys friends to casually gather and inspire each other’s creativity. Mix your art energy with other friends art energy to plant the seeds for new creative art. Step outside of your typical lone studio environment and meet for coffee or tea. Don’t forget your sketch pad or note book so there’s a place to allow the magic to be recorded.

Thank you for visiting ‘Create Tucker’. ~ Linda

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