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ArtSpring a tour of Tucker County Art This is a county-wide event that will be happening memorial day weekend. There are a lot of details that are still to be worked out and i’m sure there will be several other … Continue reading

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Here’s a little more details on the Blog Event for sunday. It’s at the Purple Fiddle, this Sunday, from 5-7 -Live music will be played by Ben Nelson, Myself, Ruth Melnick, Diana Villamor -Pot luck, Seriously good food. (Bring a … Continue reading

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If you have the time and the resources make art, it is a luxury history afforded you. Be grateful. It is not a privilege everyone has.

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Ideas to gain funding and support for the art programs in the schools: 1. Find Local businesses that have room and would like to host a display of artists from the schools. 2. Create a series of Tucker county postcards … Continue reading

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Works of art are of an infinite solitude, and no means of approach is so useless as criticism. Only love can touch and hold them and be fair to them. Rainer Maria Rilke -Letters to a Young Poet

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Recently, in another world altogether.

A conversation last night about art got me thinking about creation. Sometimes a piece of art can seem to open a door into another world. As if it is a snapshot from another place that looks nothing like the one … Continue reading

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Music thrives

I would like just to simply showcase one of the artists around here who i feel warrants some mentioning. Rebecca Wudarski, one of the local musicians finished an album she had been working on a few months ago. ┬áIt’s a … Continue reading

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