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Blog Event Sunday Y’all

My brain floods with information like taking a huge gulp of sea water into my mouth. Yes, I’m a whale feeding on plankton and yes it’s hard to understand that it is the plankton that is organizing itself in to … Continue reading

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As I struggle to navigate the complex (and interesting) world that is our experience as human beings my task seems sometimes to sort out the message from the media. Maybe things have changed a bit in modern times with regards … Continue reading

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My work as a ceramic artist affords the perspective of a production system. The products or works of that system have certain constraining parameters that guide the product toward an intended objective. With pottery some of the questions have to … Continue reading

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This week I have been thinking a bit about the very real and tangible execution that, for everyone but the artist (and maybe her too), is the total reality of a work. I enjoyed some truly crafted vocal harmony last … Continue reading

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Art In Tucker County

For me art is a way of life. Or maybe life is the way of art. In thinking about a blog on art in Tucker County the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful wild spaces that surround … Continue reading

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