American Flag Cameras–They’re Everywhere!

Gary Carr, local resident well-known for his great cooking, has a non-culinary vision. Gary aims to create an image bank of Tucker County life: holiday events, festivals, families, and places.  And he wants the people of the Tucker County–not professional photographers, just folks—to take the pictures. The image bank will be by and about the people of the community, documenting its activities, people, and growth over the years. The red, white, and blue cameras you will see everywhere this holiday weekend will launch Gary’s great idea.

Gary has distributed 30 donated cameras, equipped with HD film, mostly to local residents for use in documenting Tucker County’s July 4th weekend, with emphasis on Mountaineer Days in Thomas. Ten cameras are in the hands of local middle school and high school students.  Others were distributed in Thomas to businesses, senior citizens, City Hall personnel and local firefighters. A few are being given to tourists through the Canaan Valley Visitors Bureau to be used in Thomas as well as at the Kite Festival in the Canaan Valley Resort and the Wheeling Symphony’s concert in the Valley. Gary suggested that the photographers take pictures of themselves, holiday activities and decorations, businesses, and families. He urged them to ask themselves “What does this event mean to me?” and then take a picture of it.

If you have a camera, it doesn’t have to be colored red, white, and blue to join in the fun. Gary would love to have anybody deliver a disk copy of images from the weekend to the Canaan Valley Visitors Bureau in Davis.

The results of this year’s Camera Event will be on display over the Labor Day Weekend at a venue to be announced later. Some will surely find their way to the Create Tucker blog site in the near future.  In the meantime, Gary hopes to have them on line soon for all to see.

Unfortunately, ArtSpring—the Memorial Day Weekend special event that spanned the four communities of the County in May—will have to wait for next year to have an army of citizen photographers to document the event. This year the spontaneous enthusiasm generated by ArtSpring’s street musicians, artist demonstrations, and special events would have inspired many a camera click. Fortunately, we do have a few pictures (below)  that will give you the flavor of one of the weekend’s many highlights, the Silent Auction of Art & More. The Auction was the inaugural public event in the newly renovated Cottrill’s Opera House in Thomas.

At the Opera House

Signing in to make a bid







Should I?





Taking the plunge


So many choices









I think we should try


Ben Nelson's commemorative mugs






And the winners are!







Happy new owners










What color will the cameras be for Leaf Peepers, we wonder?


About bruceandgerri

Bruce is a paper artist and Gerri a nature photographer who work from their Deer Run Studio in Tucker County, West Virginia.
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