Freebies for everyone

Tight budget? Can’t afford to come see a band more than once every month or two?

Not true anymore. With free shows every week at the Purple Fiddle this just is not a viable excuse anymore. Just this past week we had an amazing young band from Austin Texas play here for free – Uncle Lucius. They were extremely talented, and had a new eclectic sound, blending a 70’s soul vibe with a more updated country-rock feel (for those familiar with the Fiddle lineup – think Hoots and Hellmouth meets Yarn). Very interesting blend. They definitely have a very bright future, and we will have them back as soon as they can return, but don’t expect them to be free the next time because they deserve more.

So if you want to be the first to see a fascinating new band, and want it to fit your tight budget, then search the Fiddle calendar for  free shows ( And please keep in mind, that “free” does not mean “untalented” by any stretch of the imagination. But given the economy, more and more bands are just happy to gather a larger, more enthusiastic audience, and forgo being paid well the first time in order to collect a few new local fans. Of course, tips are always encouraged because these bands do have a nasty gasoline habit to pay for. But that is entirely your call.

And of course, as always, EVERY saturday and Sunday afternoon there is a free lunchtime performance at 1 pm, usually filled with talented solo artists touring across the  states.

So come on out. The bands would love to see you. And check the schedule often, because updates and additions are made weekly! Like this great band (below) – the Giving Tree Band – just added today!

The Giving Tree Band, from Chicago, play a FREE Show, Sunday June 5!

Free shows (weekend afternoons not included) to check out:

Thur June 2 @ @ 8:30 pm The Bloodroots Barter FREE SHOW!

Sun June 5 @ 8:30 pm the Giving Tree Band FREE Show! (Think Avett Brothers!)

Mon June 20 @ 8:30 pm Bethesda FREE SHOW!

Tues June 21 @ 8:30 pm Outside the Box FREE SHOW! (rock ‘n roll)

Mon June 27 @ 8:30 pm Chris Cernak FREE SHOW!

Tues June 28 @ 8:30 pm Butch Morgan FREE SHOW!

Wed July 13 @ 8:30 pm Darling Waste FREE Show!

Sat July 16 @ 11:30 pm Chatham Street FREE Late Show!

Sat July 23 @ 11:30 pm Star FK Radium FREE Late Show!


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Owner/booking agent for the Purple Fiddle Cafe, Brews and Stage in Thomas WV
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