The Road Most Juried

Yesterday, I had my tent and traveling shop at a local open air market.  I enjoyed the entire day surrounded by cheerful people.  Maybe it was the beautiful sunny day with the breeze coming off the nearby mountain and the freedom that this spring weather and atmosphere gives us when the snow has been packed away for another year.  Here I met a lot of new artisan friends.  In my conversations I mentioned our ‘Create Tucker’ blog and that I was in the process of drafting a new post about the jury process.   During one conversation, someone asked me ‘what does that (jury) mean?’ 

Piggy Bank by Ben Nelson, Potter, Thomas, WV

It lead me to think that this mysterious process may be keeping  some artisans and artist from approaching a new venue that very well may be a new profitable business relationship.  In my experience some of the fairs, shops and galleries may discuss the jury process in a way that seems scarier than it really is.  So let’s take the mystery out of the jury process and find new places to sell our artistic creations and put cash in our piggy banks.

Some galleries, shows and fairs have a formal process to evaluate fine art and handcrafted art prior to being accepted into their venue.  Typically this jury process is overseen by a small panel of judges.  They usually have personal experience with hand crafted and fine art.  They may be an owner, manager or member of the venue.  Their job is to evaluate the quality and skill of the art pieces that will be accepted and sold.   They keep a balance of mediums being shown in order to avoid redundancy of a style of work.   Each venue will have their own set of guidelines for what they are looking for in order to accept art.  They also take into consideration what their customer base has come to expect and purchase.

Submitting your art for the jury process may seem daunting.  However, being accepted by a jury panel makes you part of their team, part of the business.  Being part of a team adds strength to your vision.

The readers of our blog would enjoy and benefit by reading about your experiences with the jury process.  We encourage your comments.

In my next post I will write about my personal experiences with several local venues, including Mountain Made Gallery, Heritage House at the Depot and WV Highland Artist & Artisan Gallery.

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