ArtSpring a tour of Tucker County Art

This is a county-wide event that will be happening memorial day weekend. There are a lot of details that are still to be worked out and i’m sure there will be several other posts about it. However, at this time there’s a few things we do know about it. One intention of the event is to draw some cohesion between any art-driven venues in the area. Another is to highlight those places to residents and non-residents alike. There will be a flyer, and a brochure for the event that will direct people around the county to different places at different times. Activities will include artist demonstrations, workshops, musical performances, silent auction, raffles…and a good deal more.

Details will come later, but the point of this post is to offer this up to anyone who would like to have any sort of creative activity that weekend business or individual. I’ll be helping to set up the schedule and i just wanted to put it out there for anyone who would like to be included.

We had a blog event a little while ago and through the comments people had given it seemed that folks had a lot of collaborative ideas. This would be a great opportunity to execute some of those. So anything you think of. Group mural. Art installation. Poetry reading. Acoustic show in a gallery. Open Studio. Pot-luck. Whatever art-driven event you feel like hosting. Most of the details of your activity would be up to you. But i can help it to be included in the list of events or help you to network if needed. Here’s my e-mail Feel free to conact me with inquiries.

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3 Responses to ArtSpring

  1. Linda Sinish says:

    Hey Seth,
    This sounds terrific! I will be one of the demonstrators that weekend at Mountain Made. Are they on your schedule? I’m also demonstrating at the Heritage House at the Depot in Parsons on the same weekend. Are they on your schedule? It looks like my grill won’t be fired up until late in the evenings. This is sure going to be fun! – Linda

  2. sethpitt says:

    yes mountain made and the depot are on the schedule.

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