Unexpected Creative Friends in Tucker County

Parsons Court House

You missed a great class at the Heritage House in Parsons.   As I walked to the back room where classes are held, I was greeted with many smiling faces.  Most of the attendees were new to me, so Barb McDonald, our instructor, made the introductions.  She said “Do you know Dorothy Judy?”  I said that I had heard her name, but didn’t know who she was (remember, I just moved to Tucker County this past July).  ‘She’s the Mayor of Parsons’, said  Barb.  What a wonderful and delightful surprise.  Who would have thought that I’d be in a class along side of the Mayor?  I have recently relocated from Fairfax County, VA. which is close to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  Or as I like to call it ‘the land of politicians’  I can tell you right now, that being in a creative class along side of the Mayor would never have happened in my past life.  I’m in love with Tucker County.

A Sweet Creation from the Class

The class was a huge success and a whole lot of fun, but only made possible because of the creative talents of Barb McDonald, Donna Rosier, Dorothy Judy, Jill Evick, Linda Tucci, Roxcella Owens and Silvia Rosenaur.

Art classes are scheduled for each Thursday in the coming weeks and are open to the public.  For more information see the calendar of events at www.parsonsheritagehouse.com  or leave a questions or comment here on the blog and I’ll get right back to you.  – Linda

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