Thanks for Coming!

The first ever Create Tucker Blog Event on Sunday evening (March 20) at the Purple Fiddle brought together about 50 participants in the local arts scene.  They were a beautiful cross section of local residents representing a diversity not only of interests, but also of ages.

"Awesome!" was Estoria Chase's reaction when her dad, Cory, gave her a good sightline to the stage at the Purple Fiddle on Sunday. (photo by John Bright)

The youngest was under a year old and the oldest might just have been us! The evening was everything promised (music, art, button-making, pot luck, door prizes) plus more, the “more” being the many written comments that we collected throughout the evening, which will inspire members of this Blog for weeks to come.

"What do you think?" Everyone shared their thoughts with the Create Tucker bloggers. Many thanks! (photo by John Bright)

We sensed that everybody there was having a good time. We know we were. It was very rewarding to meet old friends and new people and to hear what they had to say about how the arts benefit Tucker County. The sense of giving and receiving in our community was tremendous. The food was abundant and delicious, too. Thanks to all who shared their culinary talents.

Underscoring the depth of our local arts scene, was the lineup of musicians that Seth Pitt (White Room) organized. If you weren’t there, you missed hearing some terrific music, but we know you will have another chance to hear them in the future. First was Seth himself at the keyboard, followed by a new group, Douglas Falls, with Ruth Melnick (fiddle) and Diana Villamor (keyboard). Then Ben Nelson accompanied himself on the guitar with a collection of songs, and the Hannah Family capped the evening with their accompanied vocal harmonizing of original tunes.

The Hannah Family (L to R: Josiah, Jacob, Jessica, Brittany, and Heather) harmonized and accompanied their original songs. (photo by John Bright)

This is just a capsule version of the spirit and mood of the evening. More later on some of the particulars. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next Blog Event.


About bruceandgerri

Bruce is a paper artist and Gerri a nature photographer who work from their Deer Run Studio in Tucker County, West Virginia.
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