Blog Event Sunday Y’all

My brain floods with information like taking a huge gulp of sea water into my mouth. Yes, I’m a whale feeding on plankton and yes it’s hard to understand that it is the plankton that is organizing itself in to the largest mammalian organism on the planet and not the other way around.

I’m a plankton in a bloom and wonder with the others how we will turn ourselves into such a wonderful strong and long lasting vehicle for the information that is our existence.

This blog and the internet that contains it and the greater information scape that contains the whole universe is a networking CONTEXT. That context is hosting an event. Some to all of us are still exploring the idea of what an event like this is for and what it should or can accomplish. I invite you to come and be a part of it.  And by IT I mean the event (see flier above) but also the process of finding out and becoming. If we knew what we wanted before hand and that was enough we would apply the considerable effectiveness of the industrial method. BUT not only are we all well trained resistors of such efficiency, there is much agreement that the results (no matter how tightly controlled) would be unsatisfactory. Since we are all in agreement on that we can set aside the difficult burden of philosophical proof for the time being and just get together for food and sharing.

If we reach critical mass we might draw the whale. I hope to see you all on Sunday.

PS: These are the ideas of me and may or may not reflect the views of some or all the members of Create Tucker blog.


About gandalfthe5000ator

Ceramic artist, innovator and developer.
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1 Response to Blog Event Sunday Y’all

  1. Bilge Rat says:

    Dagnabit! My mind just launched off on existential musings of trying to find meaning in life, the purpose of art, yea, the reason for struggle.

    Your whale-like brain (not plankton-like) adds a depth to this ocean of information that some salty dogs love to lap up. *Thanks*.

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