Creative Inspiration

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”     –      Pablo Picasso

Some of you might say that your inspiration originates from a spiritual connection, an outside source.  Some might identify creative ideas as accidents.  While others may see it all connected and working together.  From a scientific perspective there is the fact that our brains are divided into left and right sides.  The right side of our brain is where ideas are generated, where the artist frequents.    The left side is where we are logical.  We engage this area when we drive our vehicle or while reading this blog.  These 2 hemispheres are physically connected with tangible brain matter known as the corpus callosum, also known as the bridge that connects the two brain hemispheres.

Rainbow in Tucker County

Rainbow in Tucker County

There are many different philosophies, religions and beliefs that can debate how this place inside all of us has come into being and how it creates our ideas.   Some might say that the ideas are self-generated from our life experiences.  While others might say our creative genius isn’t ours at all, but come from a higher intelligence.  Or, those creative ideas are a co-operative.  Can we all agree that it exists and that we have our own way to tap into our creative source?

This way to creativity

Each of us has our own unique way to access the seeds of creative ideas.  We each then have our own way to take those inspirational seeds and craft them into the physical.

How do your creative ideas come to you?  What are your techniques for tapping into your artistic creative source?

I think it all begins with a thought.   Perhaps the thought comes in the form of a dream, or a symbol, or from seeing something in nature that triggers the thought.  We then take that thought and use our tools to create our art.  Our tools come in many forms, from a musical instrument for a beautiful melody, or writing and coloring instruments that form shapes on paper or carving tools to whittle a sculpture from wood.  The tools are endless, as is the art that is formed from them.

I’m not convinced that there is one answer.  I believe as unique as each of us are, we have a unique and individual approach to generating creative ideas.  Mine sometimes comes as a ‘flash’ thought.  I might become aware of it when I’m quiet, driving one of Tucker County’s’ beautiful roads.  There have been times when a creative idea will appear out of chaos, as my mind goes mysteriously quite.  In a wonderful moment of softness a creative idea will appear.  “Chaos Begot Creativity.” And then there are the times when I draw a blank.  A frustrating time, usually filled with questions of ‘why can’t I turn it on?”

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2 Responses to Creative Inspiration

  1. Katie G. says:

    This is a beautiful post Linda! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • John says:

      I like to drive through the mountains listening to non-descript music, letting my mind wander, with a notepad by my side. Invariably some creative thoughts flow. One out of five is ultimately put to use, and that is a breakthrough.

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