As I struggle to navigate the complex (and interesting) world that is our experience as human beings my task seems sometimes to sort out the message from the media. Maybe things have changed a bit in modern times with regards to our ideas about a media free message. Much work has been done in the past to hide the machinery and it’s guardian, cultural narratives. Some might ask though, if electrons moving in a predictable way and generating messages that in no way impact either the underlying mechanism, or the infrastructures that facilitate it, is sustainable or desirable. The feedback loops that controlled message production to protect the media in the past are becoming superfluous in a world where there is nothing to break or “use up”.  The constrains of the media of life have been truly superseded.

An artist understands the limits of their own media very intimately. Working in a context where limitation is the definition of the usefulness of the activity seems a bit awkward for the the freedom loving creative personality. Are our efforts a rebellion against limits, then? Do we seek out and try to preserve these last bastions of concrete context in an attempt to re experience a past that, though it nearly killed us all, is slipping away and being replaced by a kind of empowerment that is, as of yet, unfamiliar and makes us increasingly anxious?

Being reactive to media has always been the rule of survival, but there are some new ideas floating around. And though we all still work with constraints of our respective context, part of the message of art can be the story of liberation that is the heart of every human being.


About gandalfthe5000ator

Ceramic artist, innovator and developer.
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