Ideas to gain funding and support for the art programs in the schools:

1. Find Local businesses that have room and would like to host a display of artists from the schools.

2. Create a series of Tucker county postcards with original art by students from tucker county. Place these in local businesses for to be sold in support of the arts program. This gives both tourists and locally based folks an easy way to support the art program.

3. Memorial day, there is an art walk of sorts planned. It would be nice to find a temporary venue dedicated entirely to the Tucker County schools artists. That temporary gallery could be included equally with the other galleries on any promotional material for that weekend

4. Begin finding a way to fund a full time gallery space which students could sell their art out of. Having an outlet for work encourages younger artists to keep creating. START, being a non-profit, may be able to receive a grant for the startup costs.

any more ideas?
or input on the best way to put any of the above in motion?

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2 Responses to Support.

  1. Katie G. says:

    All of these suggestions sound really cool. I particularly like the idea of the student designed post cards.

    But is there some sort of rule that get in the way of using these methods to raise money for the schools’ arts programs? I never know what is allowed and what isn’t any more…

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