Symbiotic relationships

It was at Jack Frost that friend Andy mentioned that there is a symbiotic relationship between artists and the venues that host their work. Yes. And it seems that it is vital for them to work together for their mutual benefit and survival. They have to dance as partners. And sometimes take steps that they don’t even like, but which are vital to the success of the dance.

This dance, this Purple Fiddle dance, is getting hard to keep in motion. It is frustrating because we have made so much progress this year sprucing up the place. And many ideas for vast improvements in popular community space are on the table. We are going to add theater seating to the back corner atop the old stage. We are going to take out the old cooler and add a couch and easy chair – something that we had that we miss. We are going to widen the dance floor and add a stand-up bar in the front window. We are going to sell CDs of live recordings of bands from their shows here. But right now there is no money for these things.

Unfortunately, when the public is not buying as often as they want (yes, with money) then both artist and venue suffer. And it is this very thing that puts me in a very uncomfortable place, where I feel I have to take advantage of the artists’ talents. I have to put together a benefit to keep this place alive – the Purple Fiddle that is.

A bank loan would work, if it could be had, but the bottom line is, like the federal government, if we don’t figure out how to work within our normal operating expenses, then we will ultimately fail. You cannot keep borrowing from the future and expect to be any closer to survival. In this economy, which supposedly is improving, it has been impossible to stay above water, and the debts keep adding up. It doesn’t take but one utility company to put a stop to what we are doing here, and it has been a close call in recent months.

Of course, the premise has to be that what the Purple Fiddle is doing – for this town, this county and this state, but most importantly for you, the people, our friends – the talent that we present and offer to everyone, is worth keeping around. I believe in my heart of hearts that it is. I have been told over and over by people of all walks of life that it is. But I feel guilty that I have to ask the musicians, the artists themselves, to give away their art, this one time for free. But it is for all of us.

So sometime in the spring we plan to have a “Purple Aid” to save the fiddle. It has to be done to to keep the symbiotic relationship between the many musical artists and this intimate venue going. Ideas and volunteers are eagerly accepted and appreciated.


About purplefiddle

Owner/booking agent for the Purple Fiddle Cafe, Brews and Stage in Thomas WV
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5 Responses to Symbiotic relationships

  1. TRaci Watson says:

    John, I for one, will say that I will participate in whatever it takes to keep the purple fiddle alive. It has been a significant musical part of my life. I have discovered so many things in my life by attending events at the purple fiddle. I actually want to be there right now. If it helps, I will paint art and share any profits with the fiddle to help out. I took some great reference photos last year in that beautiful snow up there, that I want to get on canvas and this will inspire me to get it done. Please let us know the date. I think you have a great idea.

  2. carrie lea archuleta says:

    I am very grateful that we have such an amazing place like the Purple Fiddle in our community. I am so lucky that I can take my 20 month old son to see live music in such a great atmosphere. I grew up in Tucker County and my father was a musician. I was always surrounded by live music as a child. My family would gather every Sunday at my grandparents house for dinner. After dinner my father, grandfather and uncles would play bluegrass and old-time music. I often hear so many of the same songs that I fondly remember from my childhood being played on the stage at the Purple Fiddle. I am very thankful that I can introduce my son to great music and teach him an appreciation for it just like my mother and father taught me. John has done such an incredible job bringing us some of the most talented musicians from all over the world. It breaks my heart to think that it all could come to an end. I really hope that the community and musicians can come together and keep this place alive. I will volunteer to help in anyway possible.

  3. Bruce W says:

    No guilt, please. Paying the bills is a burden you have borne by yourself, but the musicians aplenty you have brought to the Fiddle are a benefit to all of us. I’m sure there are musicians as well as Purple Fiddle customers who will joyfully lend their support to a benefit performance. Just name the date.

  4. Bilge Rat says:

    Have massage chair, will rub aching backs for continued flow of musical talent. Bring on Purple Aid.

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