Recently, in another world altogether.

A conversation last night about art got me thinking about creation. Sometimes a piece of art can seem to open a door into another world. As if it is a snapshot from another place that looks nothing like the one we know. Sometimes i can look into the picture and see them walking around, see what the trees look like, imagine a new language. Often this is accompanied by the feeling of a story unfolding although i’m not always sure just what it is about. This picture i drew about a year ago was like that for me.

It was different than most of the pictures i usually draw and it always held some particular allure. I realized a few weeks ago that it seemed to have a story to it, but maybe not one i had intended at all. And i’m still not sure what it is. But with that in mind, i decided to draw some accompaniment pieces. i now have two more. The world grows.

 It’s still not very clear to me what’s going on with these but at least i have a few more clues.

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