the november lull

There’s this lull that happens towards the middle of november. the summer season is long gone, the leaves have dropped and the snow hasn’t started to fall. i wake up and go for coffee and realize that hypnocoffee is closed on tuesdays. i check the purple fiddle schedule and see there’s only two bands this week.  it’s friday and i’m in the gallery and i’m aware that at this time of year i might only see two or three people walk through the door.

this happens every year and every year i have this wanderlust knee jerk reaction. i start wondering why i’m feeling so antsy. “should i take a trip? do i need to find somewhere else to live for the winter? i bet it’s so warm down in austin, texas.”

i have to shake that. i have to realize that pacing the room wondering what to do with my day is just squandering free time. i also need to remember that the time i have right now, i was pining for in the middle of july.  and i need to realize that if i’m not feeling like there is enough going on…then i need to make something happen.

pick up the book you were meaning to read. have an open mic (hannah lee station just had one). start a collaborative art project. get some friends together for a drawing workshop. hold a movie night. have a pot luck.

the good news about the november lull is that you’re not the only one wondering what to do on tuesday evening, there’s a lot of other people wondering the same thing.

get together. there’s time. use it.

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One Response to the november lull

  1. Bilge Rat says:

    Ah, the calm before the storm. Kinda makes you wanna kick up some dust and hit the road…but, then again, you gotta be ready for the cascading wave of consumers that are going to help you pay the rent.

    I, personally, am uber glad that you’ve decided NOT to flee to milder Austin, TX. Now if only we can get you on some skinny skis….

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