This week I have been thinking a bit about the very real and tangible execution that, for everyone but the artist (and maybe her too), is the total reality of a work. I enjoyed some truly crafted vocal harmony last week while listening to Mike and Ruthie at the Purple Fiddle last week. These two musicians have been doing this for as long as I’ve been going to shows at the Fiddle; and it sings.

Throwing pots for me has been mostly a combination of inept action and frantic correction. Once and a while, though, the clouds clear for a moment and my body and the media loose their distinct identities and become one thought and one motion. This sounds strange but it’s not when you remember that we feel the world with nerves and sensory tools that are inside our bodies. When we push open a door it’s nerves in out arm, back legs and feet that tell us how hard we are pushing, how hard to push, and make all the adjustments to perception that keep us from falling over because of all these changes.

The stories that populate our lives manifest in the physical world as well. Or, many parts of the physical world we perceive as stories. There are books and pictures, signs, memories, monuments. We craft them. We make and un-make them.

So, remember to notice the world and to craft beautifully into it and that what is real is what you can share so don’t forget to…make it real.


About gandalfthe5000ator

Ceramic artist, innovator and developer.
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