Art In Tucker County

For me art is a way of life. Or maybe life is the way of art. In thinking about a blog on art in Tucker County the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful wild spaces that surround us. We know that the context that we place ourselves in effects and impacts our experience and fundamentally changes our outlook. I think that the work of art is to impact and shape the environment of our perceptions. It can be a decoration or a tool or a story, but its existence as a wild space sends out a ripple effect into the lives it touches. Next, I think about the people in this place and all the ways that each of us have struggled to make something beautiful and to share it with others in some way. Art seems to me to always be a kind of sharing. Anything from the technical sharing of the finest masters of a trade or school to the woven flower crown and to a lost and splashing paint, has something to share. The great art is to put the pieces together into a whole that is greater than the whole because when by our efforts we make the world we live in better we make ourselves more able to make the world better, we live in.

I’ll post pictures next time. When I figure out how. I’ve hit the deadline.


About gandalfthe5000ator

Ceramic artist, innovator and developer.
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2 Responses to Art In Tucker County

  1. fred stone says:

    People who have lived there all their lives do not know how luckey thy are to live in such a butiful place. I have been gone for 26 years and now I know and very happy to be coming back home. I don’t know anything about art but I will support it in any way I can.

  2. gandalfthe5000ator says:

    Glad you are back Fred and thanks for posting your thoughts. This blog will be a good way to support the arts by connecting with others who care about art and about beautiful Tucker County.

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